The Yachting Community

The resources available in a group of people with the same interests makes becoming involved in yachters’ communities, locally and online. Yachters’ communities, including clubs, can provide information and support about yachts and their destinations that would otherwise be difficult to find. Are you looking for a new deckhand? They tend to keep in touch with their local community when they’re looking for work, so yachters’ communities can give you tips on who to ask and sometimes provide character references. Interested in a new and exciting port of call? Chances are good someone in your local or online community has been there and will be able to share tips about where to go and what to see while you’re there.

If you’re having trouble – with crew, with your boat, or maybe even with local customs – a good yachters’ community is an invaluable resource for help in resolving it. Inquiring about problems with the vessel will likely return loads of advice from more experienced yachters and perhaps even a hand or two to help. Regardless, they’ll always know the best boat mechanics and are a better source for recommendations than the local yellow pages!

fun time on a yacht

The Online World

Yachters have also found their niches online, with Facebook pages, Twitter Lists, and even LinkedIn Groups. There are a plethora of web pages for all things nautical and a simple web search will turn up hundreds of ways to build a personal network of support that stretches around the world. And, if you’re considering a world cruise, consider setting up a blog or personal web page so that family and friends can take the journey with you, even if it’s only a virtual one.